COVEP online server
  • COVEP is an integration of existing recognized epitope prediction tools and provides a user-friendly application and web interface.

  • The database provides convenient access to the online service. Source code and docker image are available at GitHub and DockerHub

  • Users can visit the "COVEP" page, upload input files to predict T-cell epitopes. See the tutorial for more details.

  • Tip: For linear B-cell epitope prediction, please download docker and run it locally.

1. Task Name (optional)

2. Fasta File

3. HLA File

Example: HLA_Demo.csv
See Supported_HLA_and_Tools_Threshold.xlsx for supported HLA alleles and tools threshold.

4. Email (optional)

Tip: Runtime depends on server usage and the size of the data set. Enter your e-mail address to receive the results when they are ready. Alternatively, you can keep the browser window open and check back later. It won't take a long time.

5. MHC I epitope prediction


6. MHC II epitope prediction