Driver Gene :

Notes: Users could search driver gene through gene name (e.g. KRAS).

Mutational Landscape



Q(z) Distribution of all mutated sites in a driver gene

Sites: the mutated amino acid site.

Q(z): the posterior probability of an amino acid site being a cancer-driving when the number (z) of somatic mutations is observed at this site.

Driver Gene


Evolutionary selective pressure(dN/dS) based: CNCS_calculator dNdScv CBaSE
Mutation frequency based: MuSiC MuSig2CV OncodriveCLUST
Feature(e.g. functional impact) based: 20/20+ CompositeDriver OncodriveFML
Structural(Domain) based: e-Driver ActiveDriver
Omic/Network or pathway based: DriverNet OncoIMPACT PNC
Machine learning based: DriverML

In pan-cancer level:
Across tumor types:

The gene identified as a driver in a certain tumor type, indicated in red.