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A brief introduction of CandrisDB

     CandrisDB is a platform to comprehensively proflie the cancer-driving sites at the pan-cancer and tumor-type level for the somatic mutations collected from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA PanCanAtlas project) and International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) (ICGC Release 25) by an in-house method CanDriS. CandrisDB also combined the lists of known driver genes and the predicted results of published bioinformatics algorithms (an in-house method CNCS calculator and other ten algorithms) to compile a list of candidate dirver genes. We also collected data from other public databases on functional and pharmacogenomics annotation for the cancer-driving sites, to provide guidance on clinical medication in the upcoming era of Precision Medicine.

     To help researchers capture the relationships between cancers and driver events, CandrisDB provides four points of view, ‘Driver gene’, ‘Driver site’, ‘Tumor type’, and ‘Drug resistant mutation’.

A general workflow of CandrisDB

CandrisDB samples

Mutated cancer-driving sites