Human Coronavirus Site Conservation Score
  • Conservation score of residues in the five homologous proteins (ORF1ab, S, E, M, and N) of HCoVs was calculated. Users can visit the 'HCoVs Conservation' page to search and browser the conservation profile of residues at each site of homologous proteins in HCoVs. S protein is shown by default. Residues with a score above the cutoff value of 0.7 were considered conserved.
  • In the S protein, we visualized the conservation score together with the neutralizing antibody binding site.
    #Ab_binding: Indicates the count of antibodies binding to the site. Click to explore all antibodies binding to the site.
  • # Val_EpiB # Others 0 0 1-100 1-10 101-200 11-20 201-300 21-30 301-400 31-40 400+ 40+
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